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HERO OF THE HOUR [Hero Of The Hour] [Hero Of The Hour]

I am the Hero
Hovering over the hour
Dancing to the rhythm
Of the ticking clock

I am the Hero of the Hour
That Seduces time with my pen
I make Time sleep
With my ink and birth my thoughts

I am the hero
The voice of the masses
Unleashing terror on the tyrants
Speaking words as deep as the waters
Which bring peace to the bereaved

I am the Hero of the hour
Conspired with my ink
To fight for the frail
Who owns that heart?
That beats for the heartless
I am the Hero

I am the hero
Divorced with failure
And betrothed to success
I am the hero
Curing the diseased land
With my ink pills

I am the Hero of the hour
Giving hope to the hopeless
Like the smiling sun, staggering
Towards the east after a day sun-less
Painting smiles
On the cheeks of cloth-dryers

I am the Hero of the hour
Replenishing the land raped
By famine of corruption
With my words of justification

I am the Hero of the hour
Not born with a silver spoon
But my words are golden forever

I am the hero of the hour!

Written by: Odunola Don Kolawolu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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