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A GREAT LOSS by Anyanwu Sixtus

My heart is at pieces
Hearing of your early demise
Shocking my heart string in my dirge
You shouldn’t have gone this way
Leaving us the upcoming poet
With no trace mark of your early exit
Hearing of your demise weaken my heart Throb in despair.

My mentor is gone
My father who inspires me is gone
Gabriel okara is gone so soon
Tears of anguish rolling off my eyes so pathetically
How can I imagine writing without you?
What a great loss!
Just in this early morn
I heard voices of your demise creating Havoc of melancholy from your loved ones

Where is my father?
Where is my brother?
Where is my mentor?
Death,why this unwelcome visit
You took a great iroko of substance
Painting his household on black.
What a world of emptiness!
Gabriel okara,this wasn’t the agreement
You had with nature

If power I must have to wake you
From your pitiful limbo
I wouldn’t mind becoming a sorcerer.
If tears of anguish I must shed
Just to resurrect the dead
I wouldn’t mind sending down rain
Just for you to be resurrected
It’s a pity that we see no more
We all love you,but the creator loves you most
Sleep well sir!till we meet on the last day.

Author: Anyanwu Sixtus

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