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GEHENNA: by Aremu Adams Adebisi

The long narrow thorny pass
Through furnaces over some muddy floors,
Terribly disgusting to lost lamb’s souls;
Sending forth malignant odors
To their ephemeral bodies.

Unaccessed by the living;
dungeon of their deeds.
The reward of some vituperative mortals –
Those with elusive repudiation of its terror state.
In the darkness, their darknesses shall
Witness the reality of their doubtful sights.

Devils shall tear fleshes with red-hot spincers.
Caverns and pits of torture
Shall form distinctive measures of agony
To the skeptical human minds;
Leaving them in a state of commiseration.

The fire that penetrates souls without destruction,
Still actuates wails of humans’ tribulations,
And the overheard cries of their burning embers
Which echo through their sarcophaguses
To their former world of regretful thoughtlessness.

The land of terror,
Home of horror.
The Shade of humans’ oppressions
And their devilish persecutions.
The home of ever…. ever….Not forever,
Due to the redemption of the chosen one.

Gehenna by Aremu Adams

Author: Aremu Adams Adebisi

Aremu Adams Adebisi is a poeticist, a realist and author of the book Transcendence.

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