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FOR THE DEAD, FOR THE BEREAVED: Covenanted Chimnonso

when this sea o’erflows its borders,
brother, when we are no more bothered
by the weight of life’s worries and cares;
there is consolation yonder.


but we seek for repose too eagerly,
and forget the souls we plunge into tears.
the wailing,
the crying,
the stilled sobs that rock broken hearts
to and fro

-we hurry?

Yes, we do. But with reason too.

When cheeks are done smeared in sorrow,
when eyes turn red in hunger,
when pain caresses the frame of our hearts
and sears our chests with grief
why won’t we hurry?
Why would we wait?

And the tears we draw
as we part life’s bouyed bay,
the flow in torrential gush but we don’t care
because spirits lack consciences.

FOR THE DEAD, FOR THE BEREAVED by Covenanted Chimnonso

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