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FAITH’S FATE by Ogechukwu Emmanuel

Maybe, one day, the rains will stop,
And the storms will cease.
Until then, dear boy,
Wait for it.

Maybe, one day, the darkness will go,
Pulling off the earth like a long-worn clothe.
Until then dear boy,
You’ll walk like the blind

Maybe one day, hell will go extinct,
And the only way to go
Will be up, to heaven.
Until then, dear boy, until then.

Maybe one day, we’ll espy canaan
Out there, just beyond the horizon.
Until then, dear boy,
Let’s keep walking.

Maybe one day, we’ll believe words like ‘purpose’;
We’ll look for ‘determination’ and work with the brute.
Until then, dear boy,
As light as feather, we’ll float with the wind.

Maybe one day, that light at the tunnel’s end
Will cease to be a myth.
Until then son, until then,
Let’s keep the faith.

Nigerian Poetry - FAITH'S FATE by Ogechukwu Emmanuel

Nigerian Poetry – FAITH’S FATE by Ogechukwu Emmanuel

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