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Eleyele [Eleyele]

Never dreamt of falling in love
never gave the future a second thought
those who wine and dine in love, I hiss at
not until I found you, my sweetheart

meeting you was the happiest thing
that ever happened to me
climbing together the tree of love
was my only adventure in life

“I’l stay with you
till Iku, the separator, forces us apart.
tori torun,ma ba e lo
i love so much”, you confessed

Now, you’ve stolen your words
did you not gift them to me before?
you called me “best wify material”
So, you’ve found someone better?
“You’re more than rubies”, you told me
now am worth nothing?
“I’ll take you to the altar”,
you promised
now you push me to the gutters

why did you make me taste love?
now am in want for more
why did you give
me that rare care?
now I’ve moved into the day care

But remember, Eleyele
ma se gbagbe oro ajoso
let the gods remind you
of the blood we exchanged

the ancestral water we drank
from baba’s calabash
remember, he who breaks the edge,
the serpent will bite.

Ranti o.

Written by: Akinbamilowo Ololade Olayemi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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