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DON’T MAR ME! by Ogedengbe Tolu Impact

Hey! why do you judge me?
When you don’t even know me
Why do you claim to be my
When at my back you act like a fiend

Why do you call me your brother?
When under your eyes I toil and wander
Why the pretentious sadness about my down fall?
After all, you don’t always answer when I call

You see, that everything seems tight
Doesn’t mean my future is not right
That I look like a beggar that do borrow
Doesn’t dispute my better

So, if you cannot make me
Please don’t ever try to mar me
Besides, I have seen a child of nobody
Who later become a renowned somebody

Ben Carson was once regarded as a nonentity
But later esteemed as a celebrity
So, don’t judge me because of my background
Cos, that won’t keep my back on the ground

Presently, I might have no dime
But hear me, It’s just a matter of time
You see, I might have only one trouser
But my life is still going to get better

Who even told you, I won’t be successful?
Or better still, my future is not colourful
You had better erase that terrible picture
That you’re painting on my
colourful future

Because, sooner or later
My barrier will turn to wonder
So, If you cannot make me
I say again, don’t try to mar me.

DON'T MAR ME! by Ogedengbe Tolu Impact

Author: Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact

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