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DARKEST HOUR by Anyanwu Sixtus

I met love just like the cloud could
Hold the glittering stars so dear
Will my love for her go clandestine
After ages upon ages do I wait
Just to have her been cuddled under
My arms just like old times.

My sweet Carolina!
Why do you leave me behind bars
All alone all to my self,in this darkest hour
Oh love! what have I done to be inflicted
So deeply?
Being left alone in this frozen winter

My love for her was shattered in despair
Jars of liquor have taken over my pride
In the hollow of tomorrow joy
Will there be a sarcastic dilemma to grind
Walking through loneliness in my dark

The dark forces of California
Came tormenting through my windows
Savaging my thought of hope
My feet trembles before my shadows
Hurting my feelings in shambles

If war it must be!
To wage against the spirit of death
I will rather fight till my dying breath
Just to resurrect my sweet Carolina
From her pitiful limbo

My eyes no longer shed tears
Neither will my mouth clamour in pains
life for me has gotten to it bridge
Going forward, I see no reason to
Then I wail in anguish
Death come! death come!
Just take me home
For I’m in my darkest hour.

Author: Anyanwu Sixtus

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