In 2015, Words Rhymes & Rhythm launched the ‘WRR  YouthNGAGE’ initiative in recognition of the need to support young Nigerian writers of school age, towards the realization of their full potentials.

YouthNGAGE came about as a palliative measure to the lack of youth mentorship in the Nigerian literary space, which has remained a scene for familiar, old faces and their past glories.

It is unarguable that the youths of the Internet Age are vulnerable and easily distracted through to their exposure to a deluge of unfiltered information and technology in a world that is changing very fast. Young writers are not exempt. It is even worse for them because they get little or no attention for their writings.

Without guidance, these youth are often less inclined to seek personal improvement. In the absence of strong mentorship structures, the drive to get better as a writer is often not there.


It is for this reason that we at WRR, believing that the Internet itself provides a cost effective way of providing the much needed mentorship for young writers, as well as linking them to their peers in other parts of the country – and the world, created  YouthNGAGE.

Therefore, the  YouthNGAGE initiative is simply the creative and positive engagement of young writers and harnessing the opportunities provided by the various social media – where they often fritter away their time, for positive output. In essence, we seek to turn their idle time into creative time, thought mentorship, and educated guidance.

How do we do this?

The YouthNGAGE system starts with a platform for them to share their writing, a place where they learn about writing and hone their art, and then the writing contests which encourage them to write; GREEN AUTHOR PRIZE, BRIGITTE POIRSON POETRY CONTEST, ERIATA ORIBBABOR POETRY PRIZE, ALBERT JUNGERS POETRY PRIZE.

Perhaps the most important part of this engagement process is the Face-To-Face sessions (workshops and talks) at select schools, which precede mentorship. It is structured thus:

  • writing workshops for writers of all ages
  • motivational talks for teen writers
  • practical lectures on the using technology for growth for teen writers
  • blog/social media creation/management for teenagers
  • publishing for teenagers

The Face-To-Face sessions are facilitated by established Nigerian writers and hosted by a chosen school at no cost to them. Aside from the invaluable knowledge gained, participating students and schools will get free books and publishing discounts as well as blogs for their future literary output.


Teachers and proprietors of schools, primary, secondary and tertiary, as well as other youth bodies, who are willing to partner with Words Rhymes & Rhythm, should reach out to us.



We will connect your students and/or members with professionals who have a passion for changing lives.

All enquiries should be directed to to:
or call 08060109295

Together, we will rewrite the world, starting with our young writers.