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COLOUR WHITE by Ijalusi Oluwatola Samuel

Knock Knock Knock
Who is that?
It is me.
What do you want?
I want a colour.
Which colour?

I want the colour
That speaks of validity of love
I want a colour
That gives abodes in the desert
And shelter in the swamps of savannah.

A colour
That sings of liberty
From the poles of the north
To the rivers of the south,
From the hoes of the west
To the farms of the east.

I want a colour
That clears the miasma of insurgency
Barriers bloodshed, criminality and warfare
Amidst the worst of the rest

A colour that flags
Unity in diversity
Love, faith, hope and dignity
In accord with various
Religious beliefs and ethnicities.

I want a colour,
I want the peace colour,
I want colour white.

COLOUR WHITE by Ijalusi T. Samuel

Author: Ijalusi Oluwatola Samuel

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