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Today’s poetry quiz will be based on our last lecture WRITING POETRY: SHITTU FOWORA’S SPIDER APPROACH’.

In the lecturer, Fowora gave a simple formula for writing poetry and he called it the Spider Approach with 5 key points:

S- Scenario
P- Purpose
I- Imagery
D- Diction
E – Economy of words
R- Rhythm and Rhyme

You are required to read the lecture and answer these questions:

  1. Explain the ‘SPIDER APPROACH’ in your own words.
  2. What do the letters in SPIDER stand for?
  3. What do you understand by economy of words in poetry?
  4. Write a 3-line poem of any style and observe at lest 3 of the tips in the SPIDER APPROACH.
  5. Identify at least 2 literary devices you used in your poem.

Click to read the ‘SPIDER APPROACH’ lecture.

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