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Personally, I think every poem (with the exception of spontaneous spoken word) needs to be retouched after it is originally penned because:

Every poem, to become art, must be deliberately penned, with sifted words.

Most times, what this means is that, after the inspiration, the true writer must tampers with the so-called ‘inspiration’, just the way a painter retouches the canvass and the sculptor chisels his block of wood.

Sometimes dirt comes with the fished thoughts and this must be washed off via editing – dotting the I, crossing the T, punctuating where needed and substituting words where needed.

It is simply finishing; Do you leave a mansion unpainted? Do you leave a fabricated shoe unpolished? Do you leave a soup unseasoned?

…Same for the poet and his creations.

NOTE: This is just an expanded comment made to a young poet who wanted to know if ‘inspired’ poems need to be edited before they are good enough.

by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

KIS, author of two poetry collections, ‘WHAT CAN WORDS DO?’ and ‘I SAID THESE WORDS’, is an award-winning Nigerian writer, photographer, and media professional with experience in journalism, PR, publishing and media management. In 2016, he was listed in Nigerian Writers Awards’ list of 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL NIGERIAN WRITERS UNDER 40. The same year 2016, he won the Nigerian Writer’s Award for ‘Best Poet In Nigeria 2015.’ he had also won the Orange Crush 1st Prize for Poetry in 2012.
He is the CEO of Words Rhymes & Rhythm LTD.

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