When Olami-Uche left his home on that fateful Thursday morning, his wallet had exactly one thousand, seven hundred and twenty naira in it. It was everything he had in the whole house. He didn’t even bother to count the money as was his normal leaving-home routine. He didn’t need to count; he already knew how… Continue reading WHY OLAMI-UCHE COMMITTED SUICIDE IN ABUJA


It was on a starless night they came. Rome’s most dreaded military unit, in battle formation. Skilled warriors, sent for us. Like we were an enemy army. Like we weren’t just thirteen men. I wasn’t one for much talk, so I dove in, dagger first, drawing first blood. I slashed the ear of the army’s… Continue reading ROCK


Once upon a time, in the land of animals, Mkpi was the poorest animal, but he was admired by all because his body smelled so nicely. Then came a certain year when a strange disease called big pox broke out and started killing the animals in small, but steady numbers. The worst was that the… Continue reading NEMESIS OF THE MKPI


She smiles again. She’s always happy whenever she’s around me. I make her happy. Ever since we’ve met, I’ve always called her “mummy.” Isn’t she mummy? She cares for me, just like my mother. She does things, she is not obligated to. She scolds me when necessary, and serves as a rim behind me, to… Continue reading MUMMY


Caked sperm flaked off Cynthia’s stomach when she woke up that Saturday morning. She was alone in the bedroom. The bastard was gone. As usual. She heaved a sigh as she lazily crawled to the edge of the bed, absentmindedly grabbing her ripped bra and panties. Her day was starting exactly as the days before.… Continue reading NO MORE

NWACHINEMERE: THE FLUTIST by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche

A long time ago in the land of Ikwuanoh, there lived a beautiful damsel who happens to be the princess of the land. Her beauty made her a sought after by both young and old. Even princes and kings from outside her community sought for her hand in Marriage. Her name was Olaedo. She was… Continue reading NWACHINEMERE: THE FLUTIST by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche


When my phone rang and Sadiya’s name appeared on its screen, my heart skipped a beat? Had she changed her mind? I waited for the third ring before I picked up the phone and pressed the received button. No word escaped my mouth as I placed the phone near my ear, waiting for her to… Continue reading THE DAY I ‘KILLED’ MY EX-GIRLFRIEND (a true story)