…AND ỌNỤ HATED LOVE (part 1) by Chijioke Ngobili

Blood dripped. Body jerked repeatedly. Temperature high. “Nurse, Nurse! Call the doctor, call the doctor!” Voices yelled. Everyone was in panic, busy and at alert. “Hi? I’m Dr. Ọnụ. How are you now?” The patient managed to look at the face from the sick bed. Everywhere was still misty in the eyes of the patient.… Continue reading …AND ỌNỤ HATED LOVE (part 1) by Chijioke Ngobili


The strong, sweet smell of well brewed coffee and muffins in a chilly atmosphere is one of the first things you encounter when stepping out of London’s Heathrow airport on arrival. The hurried ambiance is intensified by the sound of marching feet and silent bag trolleys trailing an array of different colored people heading everywhere… Continue reading WILL THE REAL GENTLEMEN, PLEASE STAND-UP?


Tugo had been in the village for two days. That was the first time he had seen as many people gathered in one place- the market day. He still couldn’t believe he was there. His father had thought to send him there in order to revitalize their family business there- a farm. He had willingly… Continue reading STAYING FOR HER


I am a serial killer. I am not sick. I wasn’t abused. I flung the newspaper aiming for the waste paper basket at the corner of the room but missed. If they are going to write about me, they should at least get the facts right. No-one understands me; not even me… The major challenge… Continue reading MAZE