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BLXXK FRIDAY [Blxxk Friday] [Blxxk Friday]

A minute past the hour of one
The stage is set
He takes a final look at the barrel of his gun, his face glows with a smirk
Menacing as he was
He felt a tingle of empathy
For the victims of what was to come
What was their sin?
What offence did they commit?
Why this harsh punishment?
Cause they didn’t share the same faith as his?
These thoughts ran through his mind
As he grabbed the bottle of gin
Chugged down every single drop of liquor that was left in it

Soon enough, dusk came close
Typical Nigerian town
Street lights went off
When the rains approached

With muddy jungle boots
He and his cohorts
The overzealous mujahideen with deadly haste
They hopped in their caravans of of filth
Creaking Convoys smeared with the blood of the innocent
And filled with the aura of sin
Inglorious bastards certainly of hell’s decent
Unruly insurgents
Certainly not from here

Camouflaging in the dark
They drove through the shadowy hills
Past the nervous suburbs
With smoke clogged breath and destruction boldly written on their chests

As the approached the hunting ground
They crept silently out their vans
As even the nimble rats couldn’t make out their dreadful sounds

With only one notion in mind, death was certain
Now their fears were cast away to the farthest corners of their inky hearts
A place where their demons hide
And human emotions are not in sight..

With enough rounds of ammunition
To rival an entire city’s police force
The season of thunders begun

The captain garners his soldiers
A whisper, couple of whispers
Now the guns are loaded
One shot, two shots
The pogrom’s started
Sporadic bullets in the air
Chaos is awoken
The little child’s in despair
His father’s beheaded
He looks above his head
His mother’s amputated
With teary eyes he watches his brothers die
Shook with so much fear
He runs.. wish all the energy he legs could muster …
But death had to have it’s way
He ran into the enemy
The bullet steep in it’s flight
Lodged into into his brain
And his existence was laid to waste

The carnage goes on for hours
Nobody, not even the rain could put out the fires
And blxxk was thw color of everything out the pyre

Dawn appeared
The warriors disappeared
Bodies splattered here and there
In the arms of Ares they slept
Blxxk Friday.
The day of death.


Written by: Popoola Bamaiyi Shegun

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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