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Author’s Name: GABRIEL S. MAKERI
Genre: Prose Faction
Number of Pages: 202
ISBN: 978-978-963-040-0
Publisher: Words Rhymes & Rhythm
Year of Publication: 2017


“This book is a testimony to a well-spent 35 years in public service that has touched the well-being of the less privileged citizens who struggle for survival through hard labour of subsistence mining practice. I also found it to be a “function of reality,” probably the best and only way of communicating the extant laws that regulate their unstoppable activities.”

— Professor Ibrahim Garba, Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, and former Director-General, Mining Cadastre Office (MCO)

“The book is very interesting. It provides a wealth of hard-to-find information on the activities of illegal miners in Nigeria as well as how they can form a mining co-operative and operate within the ambit of the law, and to benefit from various government programmes aimed at assisting artisanal and small scale mining operations.”

— Engr. B. O. Nwude, FNSME, FNSE, FNMGS, FAutoEI, Former President, Nigeria Society of Mining Engineers (NSME)

“The rose is a beautiful flower…yet surrounded by thorns…this is akin to the rich minesfield of Nigeria, full of riches in its deep belly yet shrouded with thorny issues that are tricky to navigate to the uninitiated….with this masterpiece, Makeri has outdone himself in depicting what is sometimes the tedious task of understanding the Mining Laws of Nigeria to a simple and flowery expose so enjoyable and frankly so ‘unputdownable.’ It is highly recommended for all,whether in the Mining industry or not.”

— Mr. Charles Osakwe, Executive Director, Logistics & Infrastructure,Owukpa Consolidated Mines Limited

“Roses in the Mines by Makeri, one of the front liners among the students I taught in Nigeria premier mining institution, the then Federal School of Mines,… reminds me of the topic I gave their class to discuss: ‘The most important thing that comes out of the mine is the miner.’ Makeri is awfully painstakingly like the typical Japanese who gives attention to details. The book is worth reading. I must congratulate my mentee, Makeri, for this book.”

— Professor John Ade Ajayi, Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)

“The novel encapsulates real time experience as a staff of Mines Inspectorate Department of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development in relation to the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007 and its Regulations of 2011. It is highly refreshing and educative.”

— Engr. Dauda Aremu Awojobi, FNSME, FNMGS, MNSE, COREN, COMEG, former Director, Mines Inspectorate Department

“Roses in the Mines is very captivating and educative. Makeri has explained the laws in a way that the layman can easily understand them. The use of the first language (L1), in this case, Hausa and Pidgin English, makes it easy for the reader to identify with the characters.

There is a need for the average Nigerian to understand the laws and his rights to be protected against the side effects of all forms of mining activities. I, therefore, recommend this text to all Nigerians.”

— Gladys Asabe Goje (Mrs), Language Department, Kaduna Polytechnic

“Honestly, the book is a well packaged piece that should be a companion to current Mines Officers and future ones. It will help them in the performance of their duties, as usual encounters in the mines fields and how they can be dealt with in accordance with the law are almost all captured. It is first of its kind in the Mines Inspectorate. Congrats.”

— Engr. Donatus Uba Umaru, Zonal Mines Officer, South West Zone

“This book is a barrel of wisdom and knowledge packaged and presented in an atmosphere for an understanding and application of laymen and every other individual. It can also be used as a referral material by academicians, students, industry players, regulators, practitioners, and other stakeholders. It is therefore highly recommended.”

— Engr. Omoijuanfo Ihase S.O, Zonal Mines Officer, South-South Zone

“…easy to read and comprehend; an enlightening instrument to those who are ignorant of the architectures of the mining industry.”

— Engr. Habila Dauda, former Federal Mines Officer, Bauchi State

“The literature is well researched and informative. In fact, it will go a long way to clear some of the ambiguities in the mines fields.”

— Engr. Ayuba Ishaya (COREN), former Federal Mines Officer, Nasarawa State

“The Author, who is a Veteran of the mines fields, has shown us the resilience and the instinct for survival of both the miners and the Mines Officers in their daily activities. He has comically presented very serious issues that sometimes border on life and death. The book should be translated and dramatized for Extension Services outreach and be given the widest coverage to other ASM countries.This is our own Mine Boy and should be adopted by WAEC, NECO etc.”

— Rufus Gbenosa, MTech., PGDE, Extension Services Officer, ASM Dept. Headquarters, MMSD, Abuja

“This is a bold attempt to package the mining industry in a manner that will definitely appeal to all shades of the reading public. The author congregated his experiences in the mines fields into this masterpiece that will sustain the awareness drive in the mining sector for a long time to come.”

— Engr. Korie I. Ebere, former Federal Mines Officer, Imo State

“The book is enlightening and timely because it sheds light on how to tackle the challenges encountered in the mines fields as a result of ignorance.”

— Engr. Isaac Gimba, former Federal Mines Officer, Sokoto State

“This book epitomizes real experiences in the minesfields. I recommend it to every Mining Engineer.”

— Abunumah S.U, Federal Mines Officer, Zamfara State

“Roses in the Mines is an appetizer to individuals, researchers, and potential investors in the Solid Minerals Sector. It is an eye-opener to the novice.”

— Engr. Jonathan Nwankwo, Mines Inspectorate Dept., Headquarters, Abuja


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