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Name of Author: JUDE IDADA

Genre(s): Poetry, Fiction, Drama

  • Winner, Association of Nigerian Authors’ Prize for Drama 2013
  • First runner up up for the NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature 2014

Jude Idada is a multi-award winning screenwriter, poet, playwright and a graduate of the celebrated Theatre Arts department of the University of Ibadan
He is the winner of an AMAA best screenplay award, ANA prize for Drama, Goethe Institut Afrika Projekt and the first runner up of the NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature, has continually blazed a trail in the art scene. He was a finalist in the New Directions Filmmakers of the future project by MNET in addition to being selected as one of the playwrights for the British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival. Amongst many, Jude was also selected as one of the screenwriters for the Toronto International Film Festival’s ‘ADAPT THIS!’ and the Afrinolly/Ford Foundation ‘Cinema4Change’ projects. Jude who bursts with enviable energy and artistic prowess is always on the move, churning out new forms of art.
As the resident director of the Africa Theatre Ensemble in Toronto, Canada, Jude directed the stage plays “Flood,” “Brixton Stories,” “Lost” and “Coma”, the later which he adapted for screen is currently in pre-production. Alongside several optioned screenplays, he has written and published a collection of short stories “A Box of Chocolates”, an anthology of poetry “Exotica Celestica”, and a stage play “Oduduwa – King of the Edos.”
“By My Own Hands” and a children’s book “Didi Kanu and the Singing Dwarfs of the North” are his latest creations.
Jude Idada has guest lectured at the Caroll University in Wisconsin, USA, York University in Toronto, Canada and the Mofilm/Unilever Sunlight Foundation Film Project in Lagos, Nigeria, alongside chairing several panels at International Film Festivals and writing for various magazines.
He lives in Toronto, Canada and Lagos, Nigeria.

Goodreads: Jude Idaba
Twitter: @judeidada 

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