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TITLE: The Power of Focus
AUTHOR: Emmanuel C.S Ojukwu
GENRE: Motivational/Non-Fiction
PUBLISHER: Kraft Books Ltd, 2013
ISBN: 978-978-918-119-3
REVIEWER: Salamatu Sule

The power of Focus is a not just any casual book of sort, it is a nonfiction work that x-rays on the psychological, socio economic and physical traits of man and extracts from histories on the qualities of men and women from generations of their time.

It is a motivational book of 165 pages of ten chapters, written by a seasoned police officer and a psychologist Emmanuel C.S Ojukwu. In the power of focus, the authors flowing ink is beyond the barrel of his gun.

The book is pepped up with biblical allusions, references and quotes that unburdens man’s primary problems which is how to resolve and seek for positive directions to attain mental, psychological and physical goals.

Other works of the author includes; No Excuses (2002), Man of the Moment (2007), Beneath the Sagging Roof (2012), Sunset for Mr. Dombromir (2013) and A Whiff of Kahara (2013).

When I first sight this book, the question that popped out of my mind was what is the power of focus in Emmanuel C.S Ojukwu’s The Power of Focus?

This book insight and stimulates our inner thought; it challenges us that our only aim in life is to score goals and nothing more; he succeeds in capturing what we do as human and how we continue to grapple with absurdities of life to achieve our purposes.

Whatever our cognition is, he says the ultimate is how to score eternal goal and this must be devoid of circumstances as represented by the external factors and internal imprisonment of our human mind.

That man exist and must continually do the needful on planet earth, Ojukwu proffers positive and didactic route towards the practice of self-discipline to achieving our human goals. This he clearly states:

“This book of ten chapters intends to showcase some of the issues and problems of life and address how to tackle them. It aims to suggest and impress that you have a purpose in life, and therefore must acquire the impetus to give the necessary push that will give your life a headway and meaning’’ (pg. 13, Preface to the Power of Focus).

In the power of focus, what does ‘’YOU’’ mean in this sense or anything for that matter? The authors focus is on you, the man of the moment. You are continually reminded of how to score goals to achieve success, the urgent need to fasten up your belt, put on the siren of life if need be as you are the man of the moment. He illustrates this with the ‘’Me, I and Myself’’ can do it alone caption, it is you and you alone.

“You are the engine room and the driving force of the world. As a world changer, nothing happens without man. You are the power house of the world; the soul of the earth. You are the wheel of progress, with the power of God as the catalyst in the inside of you. You are to make the first move, do the first check, throw the first punch; you are to take the first step, say the first word do the first push, take the first initiative; you are to kick the first ball, you are to decode the first code. You are man of the moment’’ (Pg. 29, the Power of Focus).

From a didactic perspective, the book appeals to us not to be bugged by the unnecessary activities of prison life, but rather to focus on how to attain earthly goals which is a serious business altogether; after all there are bound to be potholes and only you can work over your life to make it meaningful as that which you thinks is the worst of time in earthly pursuit isn’t you have the drive to make it the best of all times.

Sticking on with sorrow and not taking steps to avert life’s ordeals can’t be any different to committing suicide; the author says it is suicidal to suck over human problems and not proffer solutions.

“It is in the worst of times that the best in a man is manifested.”

This book will get my credit any, any day for having passed the criteria set out for its genre, it is didactic, inspiring to readers as it clearly shows you how to review your life regarding your missions and redirect your negative attitudes towards scoring goals like the author noted, not the tactics, dribbles that matters in this game of life but the ability to score goals.

Ojukwu did achieve his goals as your quest in faraway Kosovo to bring out this book will save the lives of many.


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