PLATEAU BLEEDS by Victor Igiri

Throw JOS some black lit candles. Again we write more chapters in our ‘book of bloods’ with the narratives, an heritage for distant tongues to tell whose skins are unpeeled by cowry demons, but bruised as Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, Adamawa, Kaduna, Zamfara,… and more to come. I hear that there is no justice in the… Continue reading PLATEAU BLEEDS by Victor Igiri


Yesterday was Theirs they bemoaned Guma’s…fall Today, ours we tell of Mbalom’s… unripe pause; and Tomorrow, sure, shall be history’s reawakening in Mama’s four forks for ours is a land of milk and bloods, of the basket full of fractured flesh, of curtains and thunderstorms where The maze has been stripped of its splendour and… Continue reading CHANGE THESE CHAINS by Victor Igiri)

TWO-FACED “IGP” by Victor Igiri

doctored or un-doctored, black or white, he is only human for though the sun kings today, tomorrow shall be the moon’s. lies or truths; we deserve some white words so we can appease our souls and boycott the many laughters of the human race; pistol dukes. we are all lunatics on the ‘open field’ sometimes… Continue reading TWO-FACED “IGP” by Victor Igiri

AGBERO by Victor Igiri

With him is one walk to meeting a monster for trademarked with broken shells is the life that gives life to charcoal face(s) and lips upon canvas’ all painted with stitches, and fire laden eyeballs; And with white wrapped wild weed, the patriotic folk in-between fingers or lips that winds up skies at steady sizzling;… Continue reading AGBERO by Victor Igiri

GREEN LIBYAN by Victor Igiri

Illegal migrants from Africa, attempting to reach Europe, walk towards a detention center off the coastal town of Guarabouli, 60 kilometres (36 miles) east of the capital, on July 8, 2017. Thirty-five migrants, including seven children, were feared drowned after their inflatable craft sank off the Libyan coast, the coastguard said. Eighty-five migrants, including 18 women, were rescued with the help of fishermen who alerted the coastguard. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

How can the flower blossom when the Garden ebbs in cancer? Who will notice our tears in dark rains to restore? …and whose hands will saviour who dines unsublime? Today is libyans, a tale we tell of Escapees; but to wither a leper in this Ancestry or war- through a sojourner, which has survived your… Continue reading GREEN LIBYAN by Victor Igiri

AJAYI ADETOLA by Victor Igiri

Your night came as whirlwind sweeping the tides to thorns and misery. For love, you became unioned in a scandal whose hero jailed truth for white lies.   Kirikiri unfleshed your dreams, dreams fractured by crucified Sikiru, ‘SARS’ bound, and your days, five years a slave, and two preys planted your sun in grave darkness… Continue reading AJAYI ADETOLA by Victor Igiri