MONEY BECOMES ELECTION by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

In scramble of parties for the public purse, money becomes election_ and duties are forsaken. Yes! Our husband abdicates his onus, now they say he’s an imbecile, some say he don craze before before, perhaps, he has gone mad again, or, he was always mad, but, are we not to blame! Money becomes election, the… Continue reading MONEY BECOMES ELECTION by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

MYSELF AND I by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

There is a better friend within, Endowed to me by nature, A personal friend from the present and the future, So close, intimate and loving. In jocund company, We have traversed travails triumphantly, We always win; we’re like stars in the sky, We, my friend is myself, I.