ABIKU by Omotayo Awoyemi

The day he was birthed, He came laughing. With his frail little hands, he Tilled his mother’s thigh and Sowed a kiss, and he said; “Take this as my signature, You’ll be wanting in a count of barrens, But this shall be my landmark, for In three days, the son of man shall Sail away… Continue reading ABIKU by Omotayo Awoyemi

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BOY by Omotayo Awoyemi

Poor boy, Drowned in himself; In a lake of something familiar, he Drowned in hormones. A few strings to his thing, and Nightlong spell of Venus, He’s fit to swim, but he, Egret! All-white soul, didn’t know That his regret was with Margret In her downside pouch, So they held hands, locked jaws, and He… Continue reading BOY by Omotayo Awoyemi