TAKE ACTION by Mayor Jake

Listen friend, Get your butt on the seat. Let me tell you how to creep and how to keep. Let me show you how to jump those bars And how to make use of your compass in life. Then you will stir through it once and for all. You can never be good enough, To… Continue reading TAKE ACTION by Mayor Jake

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THE SEA by Mayor Jake

  THE SEA The fishes are trembling yet, fearless. Intrepid sets of fishes. Hungry waters, moving to and fro maliciously, for its own seizes. Eagerly awaiting the careless aquatics in its fullness of strength. Sea; galore, breaking down catches to forms for ample seizure. Escaping nets, the fishes began. Scattering waters, seeking for escape routes.… Continue reading THE SEA by Mayor Jake

SCARS by Mayor Jake

My heart is pegged with scars. Each scar, telling different tales. Beautifully bitter scars looking like gars That are made to live within the dales. I don’t want to tell you the story Of how I got emotionally injured. Though it may sound and look gory, But I’m presently uninjured. I’ve placed myself behind the… Continue reading SCARS by Mayor Jake