STRIFE AND LIFE by Jesse Asonze

Strife and life All these are rife A war of words marries no wife Brewing evil thoughts and greater strife But The truth shall arise When it shall arise And the circling vultures And contending cultures Shall see it fit To gobble back up their shit

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MR RACIST by Jesse Asonze

Recently had a chat with a racist Who wasn’t shy to admit he was supremacist His words were filled with hate I pitied him because his hatred may never abate If you are like him, change before it is too late And you can’t avoid any longer ill fate I have heard of them But… Continue reading MR RACIST by Jesse Asonze

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Sullen expressions upheld by facial muscles Of heroes past Zik, Awo, Tafa and their brethren under one communion Unhappy in their colonity* Rose with a vengeance To agitate and initiate A mighty movement Reminisce then on Broken spirits and bloodied struggles All enacted in a bid for liberty Obtained on 1st October 1960 An independence… Continue reading A NEW INDEPENDENCE by Jesse Asonze

NOVEMBER by Jesse Asonze

Like a Phoenix Arisen out of ashes So is November Like the bloom Of daffodils The end of the year Is here again Ask then thyself Hope I spent not this year in vain? Forget thy previous pains For God has prepared for you Numerous gains And thy blessings shall pour forth Like the gushing… Continue reading NOVEMBER by Jesse Asonze

WHAT IS LOVE? by Jesse Asonze

Love is a long hard journey A voyage into another’s soul A means to check pungent characters A blossoming of the heart Love is the ache I feel The emptiness in my soul That desire to impress The laughter stored with one’s cheeks Love is God himself That tendency toward the good That thought that… Continue reading WHAT IS LOVE? by Jesse Asonze

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RHYTHMIC WAVES by Jesse Asonze

Heartbeats fluctuating like tandem Pulsating in sync with attached electrocardiograms Eyelids fluttering in short bursts of reflexes All culminating in rhythm and poetry Sinners occupied by wicked acts Homosexuals impaling themselves with phallic rudiments Mercilessly pummeling their rectums Deny it not, amplitude is observed Runners taking strides towards victory Pendulums oscillating back and forth Sounds… Continue reading RHYTHMIC WAVES by Jesse Asonze