POET OF THE WEEK: RULES OF THE GAME by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

One at a time is the step of life Take a leap when you get to a pit Else, down the pit you’ll dive When you resurface your bearing is lost. Slow and steady is the race of life Never look back ‘cos it’s lost and gone When you meet setbacks, make a dive Bypass… Continue reading POET OF THE WEEK: RULES OF THE GAME by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu


Your social life will steadily grind to a halt No more outings, no more clubbing No more constant sitting out with the gang You will have to leave the party earlier To return home and to her waiting arms… That is the reason why you shouldn’t get married But that is the reason why you… Continue reading THE REASON


Drowning, I wallow In self inflicted Romance eschewal Waiting on morrow That may come devoid Of true love regale. Sinking, cupid stole My all, love was gagged And garbed in sorrow Dancing to the growl Of lost love found maimed By lust’s fireball. Wanted, I lay low Haunted by the glow Of nascent love mauled… Continue reading NO SINGLE MORSEL


Chunks of water from my essence slips Setting my heartbeat into rewind. With a heart heavy, my eyes spits Rancid emotions, my teeth I grind. Though my heartbeat constantly skips I must be of the bravest kind. My strength keeps draining in giant leaps Never enough for my resolve to slide. Forging honour with courage’s… Continue reading RANCID EMOTIONS


Goodluck? Forget his luck Check out his works Jonathan rocks! A gentleman? For it’s not your turn Now you know One can be so! He can’t fight? When it’s his right? Your common voice? Or the people’s choice?! An agreement? Less contract? Act wise! Feigned compromise! Written by: Alozor Michael Ikechukwu Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri… Continue reading ACT WISE