BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole

The chants they chant for justice, for equity, Their daily iniquity makes me seek till I fall sick Like little water into mighty baskets, the end is indeed the casket. Enough of this noise Justice or just tease Peace or just piss Madness is not radicalism. After Madiba, injured tease still speak xenophobically. In land… Continue reading BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole


Come, let us return home For we have lost the path Roaming in the wild Let us not be like Death-led dogs that hear the hunter’s whistle Hiss and tread amiss written by Bankole Kolawole


O! How long will Madam Justice bleed blood and tears?Fed with vinegar, every now and thenRaped, stabbed and left to ache in burning coalsYet villains are left to take away her one and only coat. How heroes are compelled to romance prison floorsFor no reason in particularStill villains and their pals wine and dine in… Continue reading PAMPERED VILLAINS


The hips vibrate and hands clap As the legs clasp and unclasp To sweetened rhythms, sung On this day of extravagance. Hands wow even the Sky Heads joggle in style As drums strike, Out a rhythm for singing thighs Gallivanting in the ‘merrimental’ atmosphere of wedlock, Churning and miming chords of words Infectiously, in a… Continue reading THE AFTERMATH


Oh! Tenacity and courage Failed at the eccentric vigor. The Old Lady paged, Even on a quivering Bridge. Boots lashed, the net severally shook in vain Ah! Fate seem defaced In the midst of plenty, rays of victory derailed. Its time he learnt That Mr. Faith favors the tent Where Patience and Diligence are well… Continue reading THE SACRED COCK CROW