RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere

Your eyes wear mascara lines Open them and free the lashes Unclad, my emotions lay bare Calm my athletic pulse A butterfly sheds its cocoon No tears wanderlust Cold winds tell a tale of betrayal Hasty promises and broken dreams As I fall head first into indifference Nature favors the dice, a cruel game Grow… Continue reading RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere

CITY OF OWLS by Efe Ogufere

Despair… A parliament divided, the nation in flight When death came in hoots, we stepped aside. A mother laughs when her tears are spent Blood and smoke creates a perfect collage. A flame still flickers for the silent screams The ghosts of her womanhood lost in Chibok. Before our very eyes, they steal our skies… Continue reading CITY OF OWLS by Efe Ogufere

A SONG OF DESPAIR by Efe Ogufere

Echo remains where… Hearts used to beat Laughter filled the air Songs had wings Skies had rainbows Rivers held fish Mountains stood proud Trees danced a tune Winds blew the flute Dawn stayed too long Dusk was a myth Kisses held fire Eyes mirrored desire Dreamers found sleep Wayfarers had maps Bosom was full Lips… Continue reading A SONG OF DESPAIR by Efe Ogufere