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AM I STILL ALIVE? by El Sane Ken Silencer

Is this whats called life?
When my pasts and present
in panorama yet seen
nor difference
When some pasts supposed to be
more distrustful
when recalled, yet present
seeming more…

Should I have prayed to remain
when I was happy a sad man?
Could I have been, to say I prayed for just
but a season be permanent
Would things by now be how?

Then I thought I was insane,
that made me concur
to the thought of change
believing that by now
I would be sane
but neither my belief work
nor the pasts anymore…

Am centered confused,
Going back i’m fathomed
Going further i’m seeing unclear
Standing still, i’m dizzily staggering…

Is this a better life?
Is this not the intoxication of death?
Breeze of living is seeming so poisoned
Rain of life as well acidic
Food of joy is tasteless
Shelters of parts transparent Shoes of walking are unsound
Shore to walk on nor sagacously leveled
Morale to lie or sit nor transpiring…

My mind is blocked,
My heart’s steadily beaten,
My eyes are blinking
And my ears are too open,
but body in entirety is numb…

Do i have wings
I could have flown off
Am i a lion-hearted man
I could have withstand,
endure not to whoop anymore
Am i a pigeon-livered human?
Why is tears filling my nestled abode?

AM I STILL ALIVE by El Sane Ken Silencer

Author: El Sane Ken Silencer

Insouciant Sane. What I have known is that the trees and their leaves live as fated.

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