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Its a year since your light flickered away
One year since your breath with you last stay
As would a silent whisper, you arrived
On the same stage, you took your final bow
Here I stand at the spine of today
To render these words you weren’t privileged to hear.

Like the straw during a storm, you were my anchor
Like a star on a lonely cloud, you were my guardian
Back then your ways were stern, so I thought
Now, nothing I wouldn’t give to have you here
I replay the memories-smile and cry
I think of you daily-by and by.

Your newsprints lie close to the bedroom window
No one to pore through them like you always did
I still stumble on words I can’t fathom
Then the thoughts come; papi my living dictionary
The nakedness of life was bared before me
As you were lowered to the depths beyond.

Life handed down a bitter pill when you left
The sun came bearing down on our exposed heads
Retreat we thought, but you wouldn’t approve
The silent wish of mama pushed us ahead
Even when friendly backs turned against us
Ahead we strove, forward we glided.

Here I am at the door of my tomorrow
Where I thought close by you would stand
But fate is not mine to predict
Yes, down there you peacefully lay
But deep in here, your memory is engraved
Sleep on Dad.

father and son

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