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A SINNER’S CONFESSION by Osoba Taiwo Peter

My Lord please I’m sorry
I won’t return to my sin again
Relieve me of this sinful agony
Free me from this pain

I’m sorry for taking grace
For granted
All I need is your embrace
And I will be contented

I’m sorry for despising your word
Taking your warnings to be vain
I know is consequence is of sword
I don’t want to be in hell slain

I’m sorry for my sin
I’ve counted my soul cost
I need you Lord to rid me of this sinful gene
I don’t want my soul to be lost

I’m sorry for my trespass
My sinful deeds is too awful to tell
I won’t again have your law by pass
I don’t want to end in hell

I’m sorry for breaking your laws
I don’t want to be like Cain
Deliver me from sin claws
I need to be born again

I’m sorry for all my sinful lust
I don’t want to gnash my teeth
I don’t want to have my soul lost
I don’t want to lose paradise seat

Jesus come into my life
I will obey your word
I won’t again with your word strife
I accept you as my Lord

A SINNER'S CONFESSION by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Author: Osoba Taiwo Peter

I fell in love with poetry in the year 2014 because I see poets as geniuses who dive into peoples thoughts and imaginations and pen it down to inspire and to chastise.

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