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A LOVELY DREAM: Aremu Adams Adebisi

After plays of the midnight band,
We strolled late past the lone parkland;
She kissed gracefully my lips more
As we danced through the backyard door.

On the grassy field we came by
The twinkling stars above the sky.
How truly they are eyes of Zeus
Tales she told me in lovely blues.

The moon let out its full-blown light
And gave this field a lovely sight.
The wind blew gently purple chives
Towards our hearts where true love lives.

The crickets chirped in muddy floor
And gave our heart a long for more.
The plants glowed under gleaming moon
Waiting to dance to love songs soon.

Behind the trees we hid our scars
And sang love to the twinkling stars.
I rested beside a palm-tree,
She offered rose on bended knee.

On it we saw a glowing seed
With heart of love; uncommon breed.
We wished upon it lovely fate:
Forever ever we’ll be mate.

I woke up to the lies of dream
That flowed my visual teary stream .
Didn’t they say some dreams come true?
How I wish this one could be too.

My heart wandered promptly indeed
And wished upon the glowing seed:
The stars should make us peas in pod
If truly they are eyes of god.

My soul knelt down in longing scars
Sang her love to the twinkling stars,
Hoping this stranger to his bliss
Will sing his wherever she is.

A LOVELY DREAM by Aremu Adams Adebisi

Author: Aremu Adams Adebisi

Aremu Adams Adebisi is a poeticist, a realist and author of the book Transcendence.

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