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A CHRISTIAN HOME by Osoba Taiwo Peter

A christian home
Is where bible is taught
Where Jesus is on the throne
Where the Lord’s will is sought

Where the father is true and strong
Where the mother is in caring quest
Home that is free from wrong
Where Jesus is an honoured guest

Home full of beauty the Lord’s love has wrought
Where the altar fire burn and glow
Home free from sin spot
Where Jesus blood flow

Home that is full of joyful song
Home where the bible is preached
Home where the word of God is on every tongue
Home where the devil is impeached

A CHRISTIAN HOME by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Author: Osoba Taiwo Peter

I fell in love with poetry in the year 2014 because I see poets as geniuses who dive into peoples thoughts and imaginations and pen it down to inspire and to chastise.

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