PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

The preacher once told a story Pretty much about our affairs so gory It’s the tale of a prodigal son But isn’t it also of the prodigality Of the father’s generosity? For which father would stand a son Poking him in the eyes While his sun still shines in the sky? Or, which man would… Continue reading PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

LET FATHER COME HOME by Oki Kehinde Julius

Tell father to come home Before Aso rock becomes a broken stones , His ageing voice we can’t hear on phone Aisha is tired of sleeping inside the other room alone. . Let father come home Before corruption breaks the nation’s backbone, Looters are fetching our treasury water with a basket, Intestines of the sweating… Continue reading LET FATHER COME HOME by Oki Kehinde Julius


When my phone rang and Sadiya’s name appeared on its screen, my heart skipped a beat? Had she changed her mind? I waited for the third ring before I picked up the phone and pressed the received button. No word escaped my mouth as I placed the phone near my ear, waiting for her to… Continue reading THE DAY I ‘KILLED’ MY EX-GIRLFRIEND (a true story)

MYSELF AND I by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

There is a better friend within, Endowed to me by nature, A personal friend from the present and the future, So close, intimate and loving. In jocund company, We have traversed travails triumphantly, We always win; we’re like stars in the sky, We, my friend is myself, I.

DEATH by Ololade Akinlabi

We need not to write your stories in pen cause in your hands lie the ink to terminate life No one sees the end of your story Who dares to? The invisible visible spirit Farther-nearer to the breathing being The supreme god of impromptu Powerful than a nap Giving eyes an eternal dictatorial order to… Continue reading DEATH by Ololade Akinlabi

LULLABY by Stanley Egeonu

By and by you lit up my world Rock my sky and scare the numb Brighten my cloud like the sunset With the dazzling sparkles in your eyes When I’m down your gem holds Your energies sent from above Cute diamond of night bliss In your bones rest my lost ribs A moment without you… Continue reading LULLABY by Stanley Egeonu

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