RABBI by Prince Nwachukwu

Rabbi the Great Teacher sent from heaven We’ve dwelt long enough in our ignorance Complacent and filled with self But now like reptiles we crawl to thee On bended kness and misty eyes Acknowledging our metalic granite hearts We’ve dwelt long enough in our ignorance Strolled away from your omniscience and potent path With the… Continue reading RABBI by Prince Nwachukwu

UNCANNY by Cletus Nnaemeka

While in the ref no one expects untasty meals from a good chef. It often than not have trust in for a kill. Events come and go. Life sometimes can be a pendulum, swinging cynically to and fro. Even in dire need of asylum, it unwittingly let darkness glow. If man should learn at all,… Continue reading UNCANNY by Cletus Nnaemeka

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DEFEATED WARRIORS by Ololade Akinlabi

Chanting the victorious war songs from afar our warriors are back home all covered with the blood of neighbour enemies they never disappoint us. Their victorious medals stand not the best of time our household is crippled foundation built upon gasps cracks run through the mind of our fence peace, now a story in the Genesis.… Continue reading DEFEATED WARRIORS by Ololade Akinlabi