SAYING GOODBYE by Olabusayo Ajayi Hammed

i Goodbyes are doors That leads to nirvana Or another squinched door Where painted memories sync To the breath nights breathes Inside Colossal flashbacks: Gory reminiscence, of extrinsic feelings, Of aliens, and wafture hearts. Inside goodbyes, there is tears Of known stranger, whose intimate Is blood and it hatchway is rock ii Inside tears of… Continue reading SAYING GOODBYE by Olabusayo Ajayi Hammed

LOVE REMEMBRANCE by Francis Annagu

We shall meet again, When the sorrel rivers Dried up in the mouth Of Daura sun, while You bout-time, thrashing, Under the Watermelon tree, Thrashing wheat of thousand sweetness, We shared, Love and wine we shared, And I waited upon You, On plainsong of the dove, Here, pronouncing your name.