I saw her and I see strength Her quiver is full of wisdom Yes! Her pouch is filled with design She is a warrior She faced the battle of design and won While her contemporaries killed a thousand She killed ten thousand She is a light She lights my obscurest corner She shows the way… Continue reading OLUBUKOLA


Who dies next? The news is next, Alarmed on causing terror, Some are calculated and assimilated in error, Skulls in the news, will beg the questions, why children,mothers,and fathers, cries, Mourns, and dies, from the maelstrom of ethnic hatreds, Who dies next? From the virus that is now aberrant, with intense fear of the next… Continue reading WHO DIES NEXT?


Baptism of cool fire That shattered even reigning champions’ desire Mashed in pieces, in the empire Of Samba, still, no retreat no surrender Penetration-less Minister’s defense Oh! elastic ‘Tim’, Oh why! states… Sixteen terrific saves in ninety wicked minutes’ surge Still, this baptism proved too hard! too much! And the seemingly flying Eagles Mesmerizingly messed… Continue reading SAMBA TRAGEDY