40 BLANK SKIES (Sestets by Nigerian Poets)

only conscious eyes can probe the skies only spheres with balls dare it’s vastness a breathing body urges its eyes they look up in total blindness dead heart, blank eyeballs wiping stubborn tear-falls ~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson 1 Shattered and broken above devoid of clouds and birds like a blank page it rest above swinging down… Continue reading 40 BLANK SKIES (Sestets by Nigerian Poets)


See! How she has become a tyre that lost its core; the rim Surviving has become her extant synonym She live for the day Working incessantly, never relay She said we are independent But what is freedom? We can’t lay in our tent Or lodge at the neighbour’s dome What if kidnappers are at bay?… Continue reading HEARTS’ RHETORICAL CRY


good debt funny death hated priest adored beast it’s life… evil brother kind stranger braying monkey swinging donkey it’s life… jogging toddler blind footballer ignorant teacher thieving preacher it’s life…


If i can have another chance to, this world, come once again In your arms, i want to find myself under your tender loving care again If i can have another chance to, this world, come once again your daughter i want to be, mama your guidance, counsel i want again if i can have… Continue reading BEST MUM


Surely! I know that mistakes will persist If you refuse to accept the correction as corrected Else wallow in darkness and shallow in demotion Surely, I know that mistakes will persist Sweep it not under the rug ask for direction There is no cause for alarm for requested Surely I know, that mistakes will persist… Continue reading ENQUIRE


Yesterday’s seed Today’s green Tomorrow’s wilt — I. I grew While in dust As underground Seed II. I grew While on soil As above ground Plant III. I grew While I die As nature bound Dust — Yesterday’s wilt Today’s green Tomorrow’s seed


Caught under the darkening sky The unfathomable heavy down poor As thunder roars Yet another innocent blood The weeping earth This flood of tears Will it ever cease? Mortals go about daily In patches of tears and sorrow Beholding wails Mounting the throne of joy and furry Shattering the bonds of oneness Another upheaval of… Continue reading IMMORTALITY