Our silence is mocked By the agony of our lost hopes We are tortured in our trust Left to boil in their promise-pot Our days are drained of smiles We are watered with pensive lies As the future flutters on greedy trees We glide on, in their selfish trip Our candles are robbed of flames… Continue reading ECHOES


Ije Uwa… The things we are leaving Are living in us… With our hands We ploughed our fields only To reap shame During planting… We toil in seasons Leaving our dreams to narrow At the pitiable stream Of our all fainting shadows Grasping our hoes… Dream left flying Earth kept drying Every man to his… Continue reading IJE UWA


We are the girls from Chibok Was it a crime that we strove for our right The write to know all that in in the book Would our quest not be for our nation’s good Alas, we languish now in the hands of beasts They lied when they say we need not education Is life… Continue reading #BringBackOurGirls: WHEN WILL THEY BRING US BACK HOME


Who knows my fears? Plenty like a madman’s beards Constant in my subconscious mind ever present seeking to make me blind Who can name my fears? Names that are scarce and very rare Sweet and bitter mixed to be pleasant Yes, my fears are not borne only of the unpleasant I know my fears Hidden… Continue reading MY FEARS


O ye of sublimed conscience O ye of ruptured of brain Ye have turned us pilgrims in our peaceful home And kidnapped our girls as if we play hide and seek Why? O ye literates of depravity O ye protagonists of hostility Ye have laid our beds with bedsheets of nightmare And have turned us… Continue reading WHY?