Making fictional fiction Handling the hand without a handle Gossip, our disgrace of truth We are so special Our absent minded self Is so ignorant about it… Forgetting to explain Gear expressions capriciously Like value


My eyes are open but i still feel blind my mind’s in the oven baking thoughts of different kind am stuck in the middle blocked from left and right in it like some riddle mehn,this is one crazy fright Written by: Lhezy Zabeta Aibhere


I wonder Shouldn’t you ponder? Think, wake up from your slumber Why don’t humans understand when birds chatter? Oh! I wonder I wonder Why do mad people aimlessly wander? Why aren’t we equal? Why are there, in life, different social strata? How do lizards scale fences without ladder? I wonder I’m in deep thought Why… Continue reading WONDERING


You’re like glass among plank windows You stay gleaming in my eyes Soft and shimmering, Wild and free You open for light like bible pages I want to read the chronicles of your smiles You’re like the Plateau, where it’s cold You blow shivers to my heat Staunch and sultry Wild and free You’re embellished… Continue reading YOU ARE


As fishes wriggling The entirety of their slippery bodies In vast oceans, lost in the glory of waters, Instincts meander their way through to the mind In a pool of imagined sensuality With wanton desires. A longing for the temporal Poignantly stands erect In the throne-room of man’s emotions Motioning with a seemingly motionless demeanor.… Continue reading IMMINENT SENTIMENTS


Your social life will steadily grind to a halt No more outings, no more clubbing No more constant sitting out with the gang You will have to leave the party earlier To return home and to her waiting arms… That is the reason why you shouldn’t get married But that is the reason why you… Continue reading THE REASON


Lets have it shining, between our breast The enviable lamp of endless friendship That many seek out to steal, In the flowing pond of togetherness Lets have it shining, upon our pate The glowing crown, of “forever been sincere” That cleanse every dot painted of hate Lets have it shining upon our pate Twas the… Continue reading LETS HAVE IT SHINING


Today, we gather at the village square To witness the funeral Of our yet living throne-men. They have all kissed us With their turtle lips Dripping of innocent blood The crown and scepter The beaded neck and golden sit Today, we deny you, Akogun Kolawolu You whose gun never fails to sing dirges To the… Continue reading LIES