Oh my love! I lay naked like Adam before his creator Under the shadows of my words We shall sit …endless luncheon of bliss And make a long hiss of kisses From sunset to twilight Until the night shies away, And heavenly bodies relapse to private places We shall engage the darkness to parley


I’m not inferior I’m not superior I’m just the best I can be The true me I’m not inferior I’m not superior Judge me by my offer It can only get better I’m not inferior I’m not superior I’ll always strive to be my best Someday, I’ll make it to the crest


You don’t want to be dark Why should you look like coal Not yellow like ripe Pawpaw? Indeed, you are Arewa obinrin Your monthly feeding bill Is dwarfed by the price of the cream That maintains your artificial colour Are you not Arewa? It’s no surprise I know, to have your choice of men You… Continue reading COLOUR