I am to blame For being the Judas of the game I turn your days awful Turned your soul sorrowful In your heart and brain I evoked brutal pain Caused you unnecessary fears Scalded innocent eyes with tears Truly, I am sorry Ne’er again will I make you worry This promise, I will not break… Continue reading FORGIVE ME


We are casualties again. Placards displayed, songs chanted, Of marginalization and liberation. Wafting through the busy street, Our bodies are left with their injuries. Of their annoyance, We are all casualties again. We are casualties again. Arms brandished, bitter expressions Written all over their faces, anger. Oil Installations up in flames, burnings unstopped, Our bodies… Continue reading CASUALTIES

KIS ISLAND (a birthday poem for Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)

Here I stand, beneath shadeless cover Of the wraith-like, bald trees Shooting wearied stares at my rain-barren clouds As I plead for words to rhyme with rhythm I beseech thee, heir of wordsmiths Let ink run through my veins Fecundate the uterus of my apprentice mind With the phallus of your quill Show me the… Continue reading KIS ISLAND (a birthday poem for Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)