I admire your love: Yes, each tender stroke, as your bodies meet. I admire your passion: Dear, each gentle poke fills voids on the sheet. I admire your impressions: Well fed, rich, not broke. Dear pen, your love has built a palace on poem street. Written by: Vique Ogbonnaya Ukegbu Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


When allies degenerate into foes, then The heart evicts her denizen When the voice becomes a litany The swaying leaves lose their rhythm The hunter only hunts his bait From its shell, detaches the snail The ground trembles As the couple rumble Everything goes wrong Everybody mourns Life loses her savour Like sauce lacking flavour… Continue reading THE RIGHTFUL DENIZEN

Chief MKO: MONEY, KUDI, OWO… Remembering June 12

I. You won the race before it started. In our hearts, you were the champion: “Money, Kudi Owo”, we all chanted. You won the race! Before it started, The race’s trophy you were granted. But the khaki didn’t let you carry-on! You won the race, before it started, In our hearts. You were the champion!… Continue reading Chief MKO: MONEY, KUDI, OWO… Remembering June 12