Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! Christ is risen from the dead, He has broken Satan’s chain And lives again our glorious head, No one need in hell remain For the grave took Him instead And He cleansed us from sin’s stain, Hell no more should be our bed, Alleluia our refrain, Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! O felix culpa,… Continue reading O FELIX CULPA


First, He had no defender His Father forsook Him His bosom friends rejected Him Denial was the gift of His closest ally Yet, another betrayed Him. Also His beneficiaries reneged The malicious crowd despised Him The blood-thirsty rabid crowd Cheered the mercenary Roman soldiers To execute horror and terror. Arriving Golgotha hill Wicked nails and… Continue reading SCARS OF THE CROSS


Let friends and relatives Leave me and go! I have so many different jobs Of mine to do! Let poets search stages And bend like bows! I too have many fields And seeds to sow! Let orators seek crowds And give their speeches! I have the moon and stars To sit and watch! Let heroes… Continue reading LIKE A LION


Look how nifty our rounded bottom have settled On great seats of Beech and Oaks Running the world while our homes burn I weep as the Algebra steals our hands Our hands from the knife and potatoes Our hands from the first buttons of our blouse, Oh the magnificent shoes we now walk in, How… Continue reading RUNNING THE WORLD WHILE OUR HOMES BURN

THE LAST SONG (by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode)

Villa Love Love, Cannes, Juanes Le Paine, Nice and Super Cannes. Summer of ’82 in the South of France and then on to Athens and those beautiful Greek islands. Fondest memories. Those were the days. The best days of our lives. So young, so free, so vibrant, so happy. We had the world at our… Continue reading THE LAST SONG (by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode)


When the unpardonable is pardoned, And the pardoner is unwilling to punish the unpardoned, Then it’s either the pardoner is unreasonable in his pardoning; Or the pardoned has bribed his way into the pardoner’s heart. Arise oh compatriots and look, but ye shall look in vain! When the questionable is not questioned And the questioner… Continue reading POLITRICKSTERS


Love with so short a memory I see it flicker and die And I shed solid tears As compliment of feelings Like a candle in my study I watch it burn and depreciate With its light, I fight with my pen As silence props me Impotently, I lay in quest Missing lovers to love And… Continue reading BLACK CANDLES