To the law should be returned obedience. But when judgment is valuably useless, On a crime that can be mercifully pardoned, Then, the case should be dismissed and not adjourned! Written by: Gabriel Gabbycapable Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


I’m young, I’m strong I’ve been here for so long While others left, I’m still holding strong I’m here now, I’m gonna be here A thousand years from now I’m your modern day Methuselah, If you doubt me ask your great grandmamma, Or better yet consult your great grandpapa I’m here now, I’m gonna be… Continue reading IMMORTAL


Maybe Music has been the cord Binding us to our past Maybe It has ruled as a Lord Casting our devils aside We do hereby pronounce Death and dearth To all insane dance steps And lame, limping, lyrics Bare breasted chicks and tattooed hunks Lines upon lines of repeated gibberish Mediocre language and brainless themes… Continue reading MUSIC UNCHAINED