In the 21st century literary scene, every author needs to constantly interact with his audiences to remain relevant. Also, other than what is in a published book, a successful (or one who hopes to be) should have a platform dedicated to creating and distributing his/her thoughts because most of reading audiences have migrated to the internet.

An author must and should be able to interact with such audiences through regular website/blog posts and on popular social media like – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, to mention but a few. Reaching and exploiting these audiences has a direct effect on the author/book’s acceptance.

Our team of social media experts will

  1. Create user-friendly websites and/or stand-alone author/book webpages
  2. Create, populate and manage profiles on the popular social media
  3. Set up accounts on blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

This will ensure that you have constant interaction with fans and potential readers.