Every writer is a published author in the making and every author is a writer who did not give up.

At WRR, we are in the business of creating beautiful books for brilliant authors. If you let us, we can show you the difference between an author and a writer, a manuscript and a book and printing and publishing.

We have a range of publishing options designed to suit various client budget and preferences, each coming with additional perks like FREE book reviews, interviews, advertising/promotion, and other value added services that will save you a small fortune.

For us, publishing is a journey for two – publisher and author, walking hand-in-hand:

  1. Manuscript reviewing
  2. Publishing advice/options
  3. Budget discussions
  4. Assisting with marketing strategy
  5. Editing your manuscript (three-level editing)
  6. Publishing the book (cover design, printing)
  7. Publicity – reviews, interviews, announcement, advertising

Signing a contract with us gives you the total package – from editing your book, publishing it and providing to book/author promotional services in one fee. We include e-publishing as a free option for every book published.

We are the only publishing company in Nigeria that offers opportunity to all categories of writers, especially the young unpublished ones who just need a platform to express their creativity.

For these, we have created the following publishing platforms:

  1. COLLEGE OF POETRY (http://wrr.ng/college/) a platform for student writers
  2. GREEN GRIOTS (http://wrr.ng/griots/ a platform Nigerian fiction writers to share and read
  3. WRR POETRY (http://wrr.ng/poetry a platform for Nigerian poets to share and read
  4. Words Rhymes & Rhythm bi-monthly magazine 

*** Our average delivery time for a book is 3 weeks.

We remain committed to serving you as we build Nigeria’s top performing, and most admired publishing company, together.