The WRR NIGERIAN TEACHERS AWARD (WRR-NTA) is an annual prize sponsored by Words Rhymes & Rhythm to recognize and reward Nigerian teachers for their contributions to the development of education and the literary industry.

At Words Rhymes & Rhythm, we strongly believe, as Solomon Ortiz rightly said, that “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” Unfortunately, in Nigeria, as it is in many countries, the teaching profession is often viewed as a second class profession and teachers are regarded as second-class citizens with poor remuneration and low social respect.

It is a fact that most people believe that only people who cannot find employment elsewhere “settle for” the low-paying teaching profession. This should not be the case considering that teachers “awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” We owe society’s advancement to their efforts.

The WRR-NTA was therefore instituted as an annual prize to celebrate the Nigerian teacher while we continue to advocate that they be accorded the same professional respect given to other professionals, especially in terms of remuneration and working conditions. It will be awarded every year to one teacher following a call for nominations.

We are open to partnerships from individuals and corporate bodies towards making the WRR-NTA bigger and better.

WRR-NTA Hall of Fame: